H.O.G.® Chapter Info

Iron Steed Harley-Davidson® Chapter Info

Welcome from the Iron Steed Harley® Owners Group

When you buy a bike from the competition, they say you are buying just a motorcycle. When you buy a Harley-Davidson®, however, you are buying a lifestyle. A lifestyle that instantly makes you a part of a much larger motorcycle family known as H.O.G.®, the Harley Owners Group®.

Nowhere is this more true than at the Vacaville Iron Steed H.O.G.® Chapter 2419. Think of the possibilities that await you when you are part of a group that has the same interest as you. Every week there are rides to go on, parties to attend, and activities of all types you can be part of. We frequently take the scenic routes and the long way around to our destinations. Life, for this H.O.G.® chapter, is about the journey, not about the destination. However, our destinations are often as fun as the ride itself. Great food, great drinks, and great companionship await you at every stop. Additionally, you will rarely be in need of a riding partner. As a large H.O.G.® group with almost 200 members, there is always someone eager to hop on their bike and ride with you.

You will learn how to get the most enjoyment from your Harley® while collecting extra Rider's Reward Points through the dealership and while you make more friends than you ever thought possible.

If you have bought, or are thinking of buying a Harley®, then we invite you to take look at the chapter newsletter inside to get to know us a bit better. We also invite you to check out our website, www.ironsteedhog.org, and take a look at our upcoming activities. You're welcome to come and check us out at our meetings. When you get your new bike, ask the dealership about your free membership into the national H.O.G.® and local H.O.G.® chapter. We hope to see you soon.

Keep the rubber side down, Iron Steed H.O.G.®

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