This course operates under the provisions of the California Motorcycle Safety Program (CMSP) and overseen by the California Highway Patrol (CHP).

Policies are subject to change without notice. 
There are no guarantees that anyone will pass this course. This course is very demanding both physically and mentally. Coordination, balance, motor skill ability, age, language limitations and other physical abilities may limit an individual’s ability to ride and pass this class. YOU MUST BE ABLE TO BALANCE AND RIDE A BICYCLE. Established performance standards must be met for graduation. You must be able to control the clutch, throttle and direction of the motorcycle. 


Students are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner. We have a ZERO tolerance policy for alcohol and other drugs. Students who fail to respond to coaching or intentionally interfere with other students’ learning may be asked to leave. Our goal is to create a safe, positive learning environment. 


Sometimes students are unable to pass the class on the first try. If you do not pass the skills evaluation or the writing evaluation, you may schedule a retest. Please call us for details. If you fail both evaluations, you must re-enroll and take the entire course from the start at the full tuition rate.


There will be no refunds if you do not pass the class, do not show up to the first class for any reason, or are dropped for not following all of the requirements: 

  1. Fees are not refundable for ANY reason once the course begins.
  2. If you are late to any portion of the class for any reason, you forfeit the entire course fee.
  3. Refunds and/or rescheduling must be requested at least 7 days prior to your class.  



No show to any session…………………………………… Pay full amount again

Self-drop from class………………………………………….Pay full amount again

Counseled out of class Retake Fee…………………….$100

Failed skills or written test………………………………….No charge (test only)

Counseled out of class rescheduling must be done within 60 days of original class to receive discounted price. After 60 days, the full amount will be charged to take the class again.

Failing either the written or skills test more than 2 attempts requires you to repeat the entire class at the full amount.

A paid in full registration allows a student to take the class one (1) time. In addition, one (1) re-test of each test is allowed for failing students. No refund or partial refund will be given to failing students.


  1. Passing Student is defined as one who completes each class session in order and receives an 80% or higher on the Knowledge test and 20 points or lower on the Skills Test.
  2. No Shows are defined as a student who fails to show up to any of the class or range sessions, and does not give a 5 day notice. If a student fails to show up to any of the sessions and does not give 5 day notice, they forfeit their place in the class and registration fees.
  3. Self drop is defined as a student who participates in part of the course, but voluntarily withdraws before completion. No refund or partial refund will be given to self-drop students.
  4. Counseled Out Students are defined for the following reasons: 
  5. Unsafe – Unsafe is defined as a students deemed unsafe to continue in training. This determination will be made at the sole discretion of the Instructor. A counseled out student may return but must repeat the entire class from the beginning and in order regardless of what point in the class the student is dismissed.
  6. Late arrival – Late arrival is defined as a student who is not present at the assigned start time of the class. Students are required to arrive to riding sessions 15 minutes before the start of each session. Sessions will start promptly at the assigned time. Any student who is not present at the assigned start time will be considered counseled out and a stand-by student may be given their space in the class.
  7. Unprepared – Unprepared is defined as a student who arrives without proper safety gear. Students must have all of their proper riding gear (long sleeve shirt, sturdy long pants, sturdy over the ankle footwear, and either street specific motorcycle gloves or 100% leather gloves). Students who arrive without proper safety gear will not be able to participate and will be counseled out.
  8. Notified no show – Notified no show is defined as a student who fails to appear for an assigned class session but notifies the office less than 7 days in advance. These students will be classified as a counseled out student.

Re-test Policy. Re-tests must be completed within 60 days of the originally failed class. Skills & Knowledge re-tests are scheduled through the office and given on weekdays & weekends for free if they are taken with a subsequent class during that classes testing time. 


  1. A DOT-approved helmet, full face (No half helmets)
  2. Either FULL-FINGERED street specific motorcycle gloves, or 100% leather gloves
  3. EYE PROTECTION including shields, sunglasses, goggles, or glasses
  4. LONG SLEEVED SHIRT or jacket
  5. LONG PANTS jeans or leather with no tears or holes
  6. Over the ankle LEATHER boots with little or no heel 
  7. A valid Driver’s License or a Permit.

While you’re looking through all of our new Harley Davidson motorcycles and used Harley Davidson motorcycles, be sure and check out the Learn to Ride Course Policies that we’ve outlined. We want to make sure you are successful in every aspect of your Harley Davidson ownership and that includes learning the rules of the road. Our Course Policies will outline what you can expect and steps to take should you pass or not pass the course.

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